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Friday, May 04, 2007

Reaching the US of A

A lot of months of preparation went into this trip of mine to my brother's place. It was not the first time that I was going abroad as I have already seen Singapore and many places in Europe. So probably not as much excited as a new-born baby is to come out of its mother's womb but as much as a young blood migrating to a Bajaj Pulsar from a Bajaj Chetak. Afterall the US of A is the most powerful country in the world, considered definitely if not actually. The flight trip is always a bit painful. Boarded Lufthansa flight from Hyderabad early morning at about 1am and reached Frankfurt 7am local time. So the journey more or less was in twilight zone. Did see the Mt Alps on the European continent. I shall describe the journey infact the whole US trip in photos with my boring commentary strewn around intermittently.

Touching down at Frankfurt

Prudential Tower at Boston, one of the tallest buildings around

One of the delicacies we had. For veggies, it can turn out to be tough experience

My Dad looking out of the window ruminating about life in general

Yes, they are welcoming me!


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