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Saturday, November 18, 2006

The return of the blogger!

Its been many months since I have lost the habit of blogging. I intend to come back and post regularly. I feel sad that I have also foregone the routine of reading some blogs everyday. Infact, apart from academic reading I have done hardly any reading. I know its bad but there is this problem with me that I need to be determined and continously monitor myself if I am on track or going wayward. So time shall reveal if I shall be regular on this board.

Just finished watching the movie "Thank You for Not Smoking". I loved the protaganist and concept of the movie. Its not necessary to prove yourself true but whats more important is to prove the other person wrong! Conviction and belief in yourself is utmost important. Many a times we know that what we might be supporting is wrong but one must always give chance to the shades of grey. Alcohol and tobacco companies destroy thousands of life daily. Recently Indian Govt. banned their sponsoring of cricket matches and from advertising on the media. If they are concerned of the health of people why not in the first place ban the companies itself.

This is typical hypocracy at play. If the companies are allowed to ply and sell their products in the market, they should be given the leeway of soliciting customers.

The plan of action for the next few months on campus are as follows:
1) Watch a movie everyday
2) Get a 300gb external HDD and copy loads of stuff on the LAN
3) Write blog daily or atleast weekly and in the worst case monthly


  • At 11:45 AM, January 21, 2007, Anonymous Chat said…

    Dude, what happened to ur POA? From ur blog I cud make out that atleast u didnt meet the 3rd one.


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