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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Finally it comes...

The placements season 2006 has arrived and that too in style! The much envied-famed-sought-after Day Zero started yesterday (why do we start from zero is still an intrigue!). The campus saw many big-wigs visiting like McKinsey, BCG, AT Kearney, Merill Lynch, Lehman Bros, UBS, ABN Amro and many more. I dont have the exact numbers but may be close to a half century (with standard deviation of 5 on either sides) excluding the PPO's seem to have been ensnared by these companies. Why I say that is cause these are some of the best minds amongst the so-called crema-de-la-creme of the country and believe me most of them really are. Its such fun and satisfaction to see smiling faces once offers are announced by the companies. There is an off-side to it that there are many other dejected faces but you just cant help it.

One of our professor says "I always wanted to play basketball but God made me short. Life is unfair" So we just gotto accept it. At the end of the day I seem to have realised one thing. Those who get deserve it but there are many others who deserve but dont get it.


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