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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Here comes....

My end terms start tomorrow and I am still reading the 8th chapter while the syllabus has in the upwards of twenty. Well, bad habits are there to last and real bad habits are concretized into the inner layers of my veins and arteries. As nothing much can be done on this front, I thought, fine let me visit my blog and write something. I know I could have read half another chapter in the meanwhile but what the heck! What's the point in mugging so hard? Agreed that there are many pros of doing so but one prioritizes things right from day 1 one enters a bschool. Though I did not write down a list acads was top of the mind recall but as happens in every product advertisement, the branding failed and acads was pushed down the stack. Good or bad will be known next year when the companies shall swoop down on the campus (hopefully Osama will take a hike for a couple of years. I shall definitely pay for his holiday retreat if required!) for picking up the cherries that have ripened since so many years and which have further reddened during their stay here. Ok, before I write any more crap, lemme go back to studies otherwise, the tension of marks will make me write some arbit shitty stuff which I myself cant read....


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  • At 8:51 PM, July 22, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hi rajesh
    i need your help.i have applied for pgpex at iimc .i hope to get interview call from there.i have around 5 years of experience and gmat score is 720.i wish to know about the prospects of the course from you and how to prepare for interview.
    looking positively for your reply


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