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Friday, May 26, 2006

First Day First Show

For the first time in my whole life (shit, cant believe this) I saw a movie on the 1st day and that too the 1st show. And did I plan for this? Hell No. I, the simple timid dud, sitting on my comp typing away something when my co-intern tells me "Abey chalna hai kya movie?" I say "Konsa?" "FANAA" And I was like "During office hours?" But then what the heck. No work for today so lets go...And off we were to the theatre in the next 5min only to read "House Full" from a distance. My heart sank, the chance of creating a record (in my own books) was going to be lost. But then I hear the sweet words "60 ka 100" "saath ka sau". Tickets were being sold in 'black' (not the colour black but by a tout) and I said "Why not?" Afterall we go to INOX theatre paying 180 bucks so when compared to that, this is still a discount!

It looked like a carnival with people dying to get in to get the glimpse of Kajol on the silver screen who left acting in movies since she got married. Imagine leaving an acting career that too when you are at the peak in the box office! How lucky her husband must be! And now the come back.

The movie got delayed by 15min and a girl behind me was shouting "You ass, f**ker, open the door and let us go in" I was blushing as though she was my girl friend and people were giving me an-asshole-with-a-bitch looks. Anyways, even before the crowd, it was literally one, settled in their seats, the movie started and Kajol makes a
grand entry as a blind lady still so gorgeous and slim as though she has just been out of a gym and a beauty parlour.

Anyways thanks to my friend Shrek who gave me a chance to see a movie First Day First Show though I missed the opportunity of coming on TV with a cheesy "Too good movie...Its gonna be a hit" review to a press reporter waiting outside.


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