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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Last couple of days in office!

Well, the last few days in office or for that matter any place with which we have been associated for a long time can be quite a mixed experience. There is this happiness of a new beginning and the same time a tinge of sadness leaving behind friends and the good ol' environment.

The company I have been working for since almost last 2yrs (add another 6 months as intern) has given me a lot. Its been my first entry into the corporate world from an enjoyable and fun-filled educational life. The first six months in this company as an intern was quite an experience. We were working as trainees as part of our curriculum. We were still the same bacha naughty guys having fun time around. We would play games (some even played Age of Empires or Mario), listen to songs copied from other systems (biggest advantage of any company network u c), chat on y! messenger (sometimes with the guy sitting 2 blocks away from me!), go for long breaks during official hours to nearby temple or to the chat bhandar near our state's ex-Chief Minister's residence who was routed of his post in the year 2004 due to his policies, go for eating dosa, idly and vada (all served hot and with lotsa ghee on them) at Poorna tiffins situated at some 5km from office and many more time consuming activities. Ok, this does not mean we did not work. We did do that in the free time we got in between all those mentioned above!

Our notoriety spread so much so that sometimes our Project Manager's would do surprise checks of the training room to check out who were experts in playing games. Probably they wanted to start an animation wing in the company! Luckily I was never caught as I was always alerted by my alert friends. Well, this happened only a couple of times but we were like "Whats this? They do not have the least professionalism. It aint right to sneak on someone. Afterall, we are working in a company". Working? Ah well, err, uhh....whatever!

This phase too passed and then in June (ok, mine was in August coz I had been on a Europe tour with my parents. We went to Netherlands where my brother was working for BaaN) we were confirmed ie., our probation period was over and we were now employees of the company. We thought it was time to party only to know that there was another confirmation after another 6 months. Anyways, we did party a lil. Then many of our friends in the trainee batch moved out seeking other avenues and greener pastures. Some for MS, some went to other companies, some shifted from SAP domain to the hot-selling Java. Now started a new phase in our lives when we felt responsible. Yeah, its the very "heavy" responsibility which parents sermon when their kids turn into adoloscents. No, I aint being sarcastic but just wanna say that it aint as heavy as its made out to be! Anyways, a new tension which pervaded the minds of the guys/gals from our batch was which project was he/she going to be assigned to, who would be their project leads, when will they convert their caste from "buffers" to "billable" (this is not the religious caste but the caste which exists in many companies) and when will they get time to meet all their batchmates and have talk-sessions and also relive their good ol' trainee life.

Well, I suppose I have got nostalgic writing on the experiences I have had. I somehow cant resist writing my memoirs! Probably in some other blog, I would talk more or they might just remain sweet memories! I have been lucky to have worked in teams who apart from being technically sound are also good human beings. I have had my share of ups and downs, infact many more ups and very few downs I should say. I am thankful to all my colleagues who have made my stay a very comfortable journey. And I must thank GOD for having blessed me with a good start. I hope that with a comfortable strong foundation I start ascending the ladder of growth!