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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Access to Resources

Was reading an article from the journal 'The Review of Economics and Statistics' on vertical integration and it talked about references to some other articles in two other journals namely 'Journal of Political Economy' and 'Journal of Economic Literature'. I had to get hold of these articles to get a better understanding of stuff so I went to my institute's library site and visited JSTOR. Man, what an amazing archive of information. This is when I realised that we as students of a premier management institute in India have such huge access to resources that I am simple astounded. For that matter, the premier institutes of the country spend tons of money to access cutting edge research and studies on historical and contemporary topics right from 1900's!!

There is so much of information and knowledge to gain that even years of reading is not sufficient for any one individual to go through each and every article/paper/study/review written in the academic journals and industry research. I do agree that one must read what is relevant to one's field of work and interest area but the multitude of information and knowledge base has amazed me!

Before I dissolve in such a daze, let me get back to the article on market exchange Vs vertical integration. What crap! Do whatever you want. Why write so many articles wasting my time in having to refer to so many stuff?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Awesome movie! Bunked class yday and went for the show. A must watch should say. Its an adaptation of the Shakespeare play "Othello". Havent read this but it must be a good read as well looking at the way the movie went about. Trust is the most essential apect in today's life. Be it business or relationships, our world runs on the this strand of trust. Winning someone's trust is not an easy task and it might even take years to establish one but doesnt take more than a minute to severe one.
Especially in husband-wife relationships, its the crux on which two lives are lived and an entire generation is created. Be it a 5-storeyed building in Tirrupur or The Empire State Building of New York, its the strength of the foundation that is the key.