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Friday, September 30, 2005

Rock Climbing - Day 1

Back again to blogging! Its been quite a hectic week. Assignments, projects, cases, quizzes, presentations, resumes and what not. Uh, life as an MBA student sometimes sucks! What a contrast to my last weekend where I was one with nature enjoying its wholesome

This was nature in its purety. No discrimination. Rich or poor, fat or thin, fair or dark, short or tall, politician or common man. It takes in its arms everyone and enthralls everyone.

Ok, coming back to the trip, we reached by train this place called Barabhum in the Purulia district of West Bengal. Went to the camp site about 45min from the station where our tents were alloted and the camp flag hoisted. The schedule would be tight and there would hardly be any time for relaxing. After some light refreshments, we started out on our first tryst with destiny oops, I meant rock! Learnt the basics of rock climbing. As and when I write, I shall put in some technical jargons as well.

Its not just about climbing. Its how u climb. Any person can climb with some help but there is a way of doing it. If one knows the techniques of climbing, there is less chance of making a mistake else it becomes a game of chance. There are three things one has to religiously follow:

1. Planning 2. Balance 3. Conserving energy.

We climbed about 3-4 rocks and believe me its such a thrill. There is this fear of falling but at the same time the will to reach the top. Successfully completed the day luckily with all bones intact!

More in the next article coz I dont feel like writing now.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Rock Climbing - Intro

Well, for the uninitiated, here's what is Rock Climbing:
When I came to know of the trip some weeks back in our institute's student notice board, I immediately gave my name for the trip and could not think of missing such a chance.
First of all, a chance to get away temporarily from the hustle bustle of the city and secondly some relief from this study life!

When the day of the event came near and with the course load becoming increasingly hectic, I even thought of dropping the plans as 3 days would be a lot of time and in the current situation, this is asking for too much! I paid the money so that I dont think about it too much.

As always, till the last day, I was in a bit of dilemma whether to go ahead or not cause I had loads of work to do, but then since I had paid the money for the trip, I did not intend to back out.
And believe me, as I am writing this blog, I am now convinced that I had made a very good decision of going ahead without backing out. Gosh! Sometimes my decisions are so good...

The trip was to be for 3 days from 23rd till 25th of Sep.
The destination: Matha Bura, Purulia District
A little info about this can be found in the link below. This is one of the best destinations in the eastern part of India

PS: More about the trip in the coming articles.

Friday, September 16, 2005


I was seeing a Bollywood movie called "Yahaan" today. Its a movie set in the "heaven on earth" aka Kashmir and there is also a love story in the background to entertain the mass audience. Quite a realistic screenplay of the problems plaguing the valley. So I thought, well why not write something about the problem.

I am not sure if I can present a fair picture of the problem which I believe can only be done by an individual whose spent a considerable part of his life having faced the problems first-hand. Based on the bits and pieces of information collected so far from various sources, Kashmir problem is quite complex and I haven't been able to figure a logical solution for it.

It all originated in the year 1948 when Kashmir though had a muslim majority was a Hindu kingdom under Maharaja's rule. It had not yet joined the Indian Union. It was then that Pakistan had plans of taking in Kashmir in its fold and started a guerilla war. The Maharaja then approached India for its help and Jawaharlal Nehru acceded to the request with a rider that the kingdom should join the Indian Union. This I felt was not a fair act by India cause we made a person on whose head a sword was dangling act on our instructions. Fair negotiations can only be between two equal and willing parties.

The Maharaja negotiated with India and as such the Defence and Foreign affairs came under the control of India while the other affairs remained with the State itself. Article 370 of the Indian Constitution noted that our Constitution if not valid for Kashmir which would draft its own. Also, no person can buy property in Kashmir unless he is a local there. Last year a legislation was passed debarring property rights to any girl who married a non-local. Though this created a lot of hue and cry, nothing happened and the rule now very much exists.

And yes, Nehru's biggest mistake in his Independence Day speech from the red-bricked ramparts of Red Fort was his declaring that a referendum would be held in Kashmir (to answer the UN, this had to be told) after the cessation of all hostilities which till now has never taken place. Pakistan went to the UN time and again but to no avail and hence the "jehadis" are waging a freedom struggle. These jehadis are more concerned about Kashmir and not J&K as a whole. Jammu is predominantly Hindu and Kashmir has very few Hindus more so after the mass Hindu Pandits massacre over the years.

India says that they have almost given complete autonomy to Kashmir but Pakistan says it wont settle anything less than total autonomy. Neither India nor Pakistan wants to leave the land of such natural beauty. All the while, the kashmiris have been sandwiched between the claims of these two countries and have suffered a lot both under the Pakistan infiltrators and the Indian army. Hence they only want freedom and from both these countries.

What future holds none knows. So much for this life on earth!

Time to party

Ah, back to the good ol' times of chilling out. After 2 weeks of mugging (lingo for studying) and a week of late nights, now its back to hitting bed late at night again but not after delving in acads. Its the time to party for now. But wait, 2nd term starts in another 3 days and I have a project to submit on the coming monday. Anyways, that will be taken care of. No big deal. There's time for everything.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Exam blues....

Well, my end terms ie., final exams for Term-1 are going to start this Monday ie., Sep 12, '05. Have loads to study. Though I have been studying during the sem, it was miniscule compared to what I have studied during the last week before the exams. I dont think I will become a good manager because I had planned a "planned study" but alas! that was not to be. Well, this phase also shall pass and there will a new tomorrow! Anxiously waiting for that day when I shall break free of these torments and tribulations!!