My journey!

As I journey through time, here I present a small peak into what I think and experience!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Life takes a U-Turn

Its exactly been a week since I left India and shifted to Singapore and life has already come around full circles. Last saturday was a boisterous, funny, joyous, memorable occasion in my life and today I am sitting with all those having being reversed. Its funny how life goes, so unpredictable, so unmethodical, so not process-oriented, no sense of direction. Its like a rush of water released from the dam when its flood gates are opened. The water finding itself extremely happy of having been released from its captivity gushes along in gay abundance finding joy in crushing the rocks (turning some of them into pebbles) unmindful of the destruction that it may cause to the surroundings along its way. Thats the way life is.

Three cheers to this life...