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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Why does it always happen to me?

Well, why do I always have to choose between two things which are good.
First, I had to decide between two +2 colleges, then which engr college, then job and now which bschool. I suppose God puts me in this situation to test my managerial skills ;) which I always flunk because I dont decide quickly. I take hazaar time to decide such things in life. But luckily, in hindsight, all my decisions have come good and have not regretted them!

I sometimes laugh at myself being in such a situation. I must say that I have been lucky enough to have an opportunity of choosing things but I always feel if its necessary? Well, probably I can never answer this question so no point in thinking about this. Instead I should look at how to take faster decisions in life!!
This is something which I have to learn....

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

B vs C

First was the preparation for CAT. Then came the mock CAT exams. And then the actual CAT.
Then there were these GD and PI of the various esteemed IIMs. And then comes the final fruit ie., the final calls.
But the problem does not end here. Now I have to choose between B and C and to make this decision, I have been trying to find out as much info about both these bschools from various sources. And a good resource has been this site called pagalguy. Am not marketing this, but many bschool students are members of this community and they can really give some good insight into things.
Anyways, coming back to my decision-making. Strangely, I have had this problem since many years. Life always puts me in such situations where both my legs are in two different boats the biggest problem being both the boats are going to go on a cruise!! Life is really strange...
Well, coming back to the discussion, both these bschools are equally good.

Some advantages of C over B are:
1) Older bschool thus having a broader alumni base.
2) They have only a mid-term and final exam thus giving much time to freak out.
3) They have had some very good companies that came up for placements in 2005.
4) Prefers engineers and most of them are from IITs. The guys here are good in Quant end result being they are good in number-crunching.

Some advantages of B over C are:
1) The fame of this bschool is on a rise and has overtaken C in the rankings by external agencies.
2) Bangalore being the so-called Silicon Valley of India attracts more attention from global corporates and case studies can be easily ordered from IT companies.
3) It has a continuous evaluation system much like in BITS. This gives a chance to improve if a goof-up happens in one of the exams.
4) A very eclectic mix of students thus giving a better learning.
5) Has created a niche for itself in Finance (Will confirm this when I actually spend my time in IIMB).

So there are plus points and minus points to both these bschools. But at the end of the day, as I have gathered info from various sources, its clear that what matters is THE SELF. If an individual is good, no matter which IIM or for that matter any top bschool he is in, he is sure gonna be a success. Its just that the top 3 IIMs give a much broader and stronger base for one to start with.

I have made up my mind to take up IIMB. Somehow I liked the campus and its architecture.
Waiting to see how my future shapes from now on. Anyways, I still have about 2 months to go before the grind begins. So can chill for now. As I always say, whatever happens, happens for the good.