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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Kya lu?

Coming to the end of 1st yr of mba and am thinking ki kaunse courses lu...Should I go for courses which give me a "value-add" or those which give me a chance of improving my grades. The problem is that the companies which come for final recruitments value grades a lot. I am ready to run on the streets shouting "Europa Maneka I have in it me!" but kaun sunega? Usually in b-schools its like "Line mein khade ho jao...Ok, ur grade is good...Oh! u r in the top 30...Go in...U.. top 30 but from the bottom, katlo...Apna muh math dikhana" This is true for the famed and much sought-after iBanks, the ones who mint money by advising you right from which company to buy and burn ur ass to which stock to buy so that u dont hav to send those so many freaking SMSes to KBC for getting into that hot seat ultimately to come out humped after phoning you wife's cousin's jeeja ka bhatija!

Other companies are much more considerate in selecting the candidate who has the right mix of extra-currics and acads by which I mean who has ran on the nearby footbal ground dirtyin his pants so that he can make the right sales pitch to that farmer sowing his farmland with the buffalo shitting all over the nook and corner.

Ok, its time to go for dinner....chow!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Ah! A long time

Today is my anniversary! Its been more a month since I visited her and she longs for me. She always complains as why I cant make time for her but what can I do. Not that I have loads to study. I go to the gym, play baddy, browse the net...not the sites u r thinking of! footer, its a IIMC grown version of football + volleyball...listen to songs...attend company presentations once awhile...but then, when she gives me that grin I have no answer. I have promised to visit her often from now on but I aint sure if I can live upto that promise but whats the harm in trying. Afterall, I do sit in front of my comp atleast 2hrs a day, so I can message her as well. But no point in sending her just a line or two. Shez not satisfied with just that. Ok, shez watching me angrily now! Its better I sign off for now and I promise darling, that I shall meet u regularly. Thats blogging, my darling!