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Monday, August 01, 2005


Am happy coz two of the most "conceptual" subjects Indian Economic & Political History (IEPH) and Behavioural Sciences (BS) are done now.

IEPH involved studying of about 5-6hrs and you can answer the questions. When I was studying, I actually developed some interest in history. It aint Babar, Akbar kind of history but pre-independence british colonialism and how it led to our freedom struggle. It was good to know about "Laissez-Faire", Capitalism and Industrialism.

As for BS, hee hee huu haa haa....Still cant control laughing. 70 MCQ's and I knew around 20 of them...Phew! looking back I feel thats quite a huge number :) The toppers in this course must be emperors of guessing!

Waiting for the 3 more exams to be over and then can chill out...


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