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Friday, August 05, 2005

Chill out...

Now that exams are over, can chill out for about a week or so before hitting the books. As for how the exams went, as they say its better not to bring out the dead from the grave! I am planning to forget this as a nightmare (strong words eh); actually I consider this as a reminder for me to study hard and the importance of studying well before the exam. This aint an undergraduate college where one can study the night before the exam. Not that there are people who dont do it. But those who do, there levels of intelligence is way beyond mine. So they are not the right persons to emulate.

Anyways, I seem to have digressed from the topic of chilling out! What a great relief of the exams being over! But that does not mean that I can catch on loads of sleep.

"World War" is starting!! Dont panic. Its a term given to inter-hostel rivalry competitions and culturals here. It starts today. Ok, someone calling gotta go...More on it in another post after all the nightouts for the next 3-4 days !!!


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