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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Indian Independence

Today we are celebrating the 59th year of freedom from the Britishers. I become very nostalgic on this day in the sense that I feel very attached to this country of mine. My country has given me a lot in terms of my culture, ideology, career and identity. I can hear old patriotic songs being played by my friends and feel some kind of contentment listening them.

There was flag hoisting in our institute today morning and the speech given by a few of our faculty was thought provoking. We have achieved a lot in these 58 years but still have loads to do. People here complain about the lack of facilities. True, but let everyone of us strive to do something. In our short span of life, everyone of us should contribute something to the society which has given us this life. Irrespective of who and where we belong to, lets add some value and make the life around us better in any possible way.

We might think that we are miniscule to bring about any change in the society. Lets reform that attitude. It might be a small glass of water in a big ocean but its enough to save the life of a small fish. A molecule is made up of atoms and each atom contibutes to the traits of the molecule. Every atom has its own important place. So we all are responsible in making our community a better living place.

An article on how one young Indian changed the face of the 1947 war.
What did he get in return? Crucification and a gory end
Why did he do it? His love for the motherland

Irrespective of what country we belong to, lets strive to make it a better place not by complaining and doing harm to another country but improving ourself.



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